Thursday, February 12, 2009

SkyWatch 31

Stupid power lines. I'm not sure I'm completely behind power lines being installed underground, for environmental reasons. Pipelines seem like enough crap to put in the earth, but it sure would make the landscape prettier. And there would be fewer power outages. So maybe I'm for it.

I took this while I was out house hunting. Found one! I close on it March 27th. Yay! No more apartment!

Go see more great photos of the sky (maybe even some with power lines!) at SkyWatch Friday.


  1. Beautiful skywatch shot, I love your header pic as well.

    Have a great weekend!
    Regina In Pictures

  2. I do agree with you - power lines can "destroy" a beautiful picture. Anyway - here my eyes are drawn to the colours and I almost forgot - until you reminded me ;-)

    Nice weekend.


  3. It's okay. The curve of the road, the curve of the clouds and the power lines all seem to converge at a single point... which is pretty cool!

    Bu I know what you mean. I hate it when stuff like that is in the way and I can't shoot around it.

  4. Great composed image.
    Agree about the power lines, but in this picture I thought not that it did anything.

  5. I like seeing power lines in a wonderfully composed photograph. Sometimes they are a nuisance; but here I thought they add to the image.

  6. I agree about the power lines on the whole but they appear to work well in this shot.
    Congratulations on the house finding..

  7. I have a hard time also taking pictures that won't have a powerline somewhere in it. Your picture still turned out great though. =)

  8. So that's what you get house hunting beautiful skies.

  9. That is one beautiful scene, now lets see the house you got with this beautiful setting
    Congrats on the new house

  10. Very nice photo,very beautiful colored sky.